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Home PR: Hiring a Seattle Public Relations Agency

PR: Hiring a Seattle Public Relations Agency

Companies decide to hire a public relations agency when they don’t have the time, experience, or media connections to produce the kind of publicity they need to be successful.  Hiring a Seattle or Bellevue Public Relations Agency allows a company to concentrate on its core business, and streamline its marketing and publicity efforts.

Public relations agencies already have long-standing associations with members of the media, from TV to radio, newspapers, magazines, and online news outlets.  Getting media coverage is not just about having the right story.  Reporters are bombarded with potential news stories every day, and only those that immediately stand out will be considered for coverage.  Public relations professionals and PR agencies understand the need for a unique angle, a correctly-placed pitch, and focused persistence on the client’s desired media outlets.

Choosing a PR agency can be a daunting task for a company with little experience in the public relations realm.  By initially hiring a public relations agency consultant, a business can analyze its marketing and communications needs objectively.

A PR consultant can create an outline for a business’s publicity goals, and advise on the size and scope of public relations efforts necessary.  Whether that means hiring a single PR professional to coordinate those plans, or managing the interview process for several large PR agencies, a public relations consultant can deliver an objective review of the company’s needs and plans to achieve its PR goals.

Hiring Local vs. National Public Relations Agencies

Businesses are often concerned about the level of publicity they can achieve at the local level, but also have a need for national and even international media coverage.  Publicity for most companies begins with the local venue, but a public relations plan that focuses purely on the local media may not be effective for many companies with broader goals.

Most of today’s media operates without boundaries.  While there is great value in placing clients’ stories in the Seattle Times, the Bellevue Reporter, or the local TV and radio stations, there is also a much more vast, fast-paced publicity market through national and global news media online.  From social media to industry bloggers and web-based trade publications, the ability to turn a small story into a national press tour is only possible by hiring a public relations agency with experience pitching top-tier news organizations.

When choosing a Seattle PR agency, it is essential that you hire an agency with not only the ability to attract publicity in the Seattle/Bellevue market, but also with a track record of delivering media pitches to national publications and creating large-scale publicity online.